Past Events


 GST Solution Week (04.11.2019 to 09.11.2019)

 Program on GST Audit (11.11.2019 – 2 CPE)

 Expectation of Industry from CA’s Experience (11. 11.19)

 Program on “ROC E-forms & Annual Filling: Do’s and Don’ts” (16.11.2019 – 2 CPE)

 Mega Career Counselling Programme at Maheshwari Public School (18th & 19th Nov. 2019)

 Second round campus placement programme on (20th & 21st Nov,2019)

 Half Day Seminar on Direct Tax & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (23.11.2019 – 3 CPE)



 CA Badminton League (5th & 6th October, 2019)

 Inauguration of Renovated ITT Labs (09.10.2019)

 Library Room Extension

Half Day Seminar (12.10.2019 – 3 CPE)

 Half Day Awareness Program on Standards on Auditing (19.10.2019 – 3 CPE)

 Program on GST (25.10.2019 – 2 CPE)


Mock Interview & GD for Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants (3rd to 7th Sept. 2019)

Program on Sabka

 Full Day Seminar (14-09-2019 – 6 CPE )on Direct Tax, Labour Law & MSME                                    

 Jaipur Glow Run (21.09.2019)

 Orientation Programme for CAs appearing in the Campus Interview (24. 09.19)

 Campus Placement Programme (25.09.2019)


 3 Days GST Workshop (05.08.19 to 07.08.19 -NO CPE)

 Meeting on International Taxation: Payment to Non-Resident, Issues in   IT Act (10.08.2019-2CPE)

 CA Family Picnic at Bairath Farm House, Ajmer Road, Jaipur (11.8.2019)

 Independence Day Celebration (15.08.2019)

Lecture Meeting on IT Security in CA’s Office & Protection from Financial Fraud (23.08.2019-2CPE)

Career Counselling Programme at Janta Girls Pubic School, Mansarovar (23.08.2019)

Convocation 31.08.2019 (1st Round

JULY 2019

 Chartered Accountants Day Celebration (1st July 2019) 

 Live Budget Telecast (5.7.2019)

 Tour to Lok Sabha (5.7.2019)

 Half Day Seminar on Discussion On Union Budget (6.7.2019-3CPE)

 Tax Awareness Program at Various Social Areas (7.7.2019)

 GST Awareness Program (8.7.2019)

 Half Day Seminar on Analysis on Union Budget 2019-20 (9.7.2019-3CPE)

 Seminar on Recent Changes in Income Tax Forms & Tax Audit Report   for CA Students (16.07.2019)

 CA Students’ Talent Search 2019 (19 & 21 July, 2019)


 Quiz Contest (19.07.2019)

 Nukkad Drama (21.07.2019)

 Instrumental Music (21.07.2019)

 Meeting on Compliance for NGO (27.07.2019-2CPE)

JUNE 2019

 Meeting on Society-NPO & Matters thereto (01.06.2019-2CPE)

 Meeting on GST Audit & UDIN (12.06.2019-2CPE)

 3 Days GST Workshop (13.6.19 to 15.6.19 -NO CPE)

 Meeting on using Advance Excel (15.06.2019-2CPE)

 3 Days GST Workshop (17.6.19 to 19.6.19 -NO CPE)

 5th International Day of Yoga (IYD) on 21.6.2019

 CACL-2019 Box Cricket League on 22nd & 23rd June, 2019

CA Fortnight Celebration (25.6.2019 to 8.7.2019)

Motivational Talk for CA Students (25.6.19)

 Food Distribution (26th June 2019)

  “Gau Seva” (27th June 2019)

 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (28th June 2019)

 Saplings & Tree Plantation (29th June 2019)

 Run for ICAI & Zumba Exercise (30th June 2019)

MAY 2019

Meeting on Salient issues in GST pertaining to Real Estate & Refund for Exporters (04.05.2019-2CPE)

 4 Days Seminar on GST (8.5.19 to 11.5.19 -12 CPE)

 Half Day Seminar on GST for CA Students (17.05.2019)

 Full Day Seminar on Women Empowerment “Naari Tu Narayani” (18.05.2019 – 6CPE)

  Full day Seminar on S. Vaidyanath Aiyar Memorial Lecture (25.5.19-6CPE)

April 2019 Events

6 CPE Hrs. Full Day Seminar on Practical Discussion on GST Audit & Annual Return on 27.04.2019

Pre-Campus Talk-20.4.2019

Discussion “Graduate Insolvency Programme: Introducing Insolvency to the World of Education” on 194-2019

2 CPE Hrs. Meeting on Implication on Real Estate and others issues due to recent amendments in GST on 13.04.2019

March 2019 Events

3 CPE Hrs. Half Day Seminar on NPA, Agriculture loan & UDIN on 30.3.2019

Half Day Seminar on Bank Audit for CA students (28.03.2019)

Holi Sneh Milan-2019 27.03.2019 for CA Member

6 CPE Full Day Seminar on Bank Audit on 27.03.2019

2 CPE Hrs. Meeting on Recent Amendments in Companies Act & IBC on 16.03.2019